Welcome to CartonVille

Welcome to CartonVille┬áthe town where the story of cartons can be available to young or old, expert or layman in whatever language you choose. Currently the default is adult text in English with other languages being planned. We have already developed a schools version – just click the blue tab to explore!

This virtual tour shows the life-cycle of a typical folding carton. Select each area and understand the steps a carton will take from the forest and board mill to the supermarket.

At every turn of the road in CartonVille you are presented with a different facet of carton supply and is especially useful for students or brand-owners who want to find out more about this natural material. If you are using CaronVille to test your understanding of cartons then at the end of your journey you can choose to take one of the e-learning tests to check what you have learnt!

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